In today’s world, times are split into two. The “before Covid days” and the “after Covid times”. From work to games everything has undergone a digital spin ever since the pandemic broke out. With social distancing on, virtual gaming has become a common pastime of Atlanta kids. The pandemic has changed not only the way kids have fun. It also brings new understandings on how online gaming can be beneficial for them. Studies show that video games can help young minds evolve – especially in these days of social distancing. Yes, you heard it right. Video Games don’t seem to be all that bad after all.

We might often have imagined these online games turning our kids into asocial loners. Quite contrarily, these games actually seem to be helping kids develop better social skills. Kids connect, collaborate, create and celebrate through these games – says experts. Doesn’t that make you feel a bit less guilty?

How exactly do these video games help kids? We know not all games are the same. But there are definitely some that bring out the best in kids, building on different types of skills making them better persons.

Though the pandemic has limited the actual social exposure, most kids find video games filling the void for them. Collaborative games give them platforms that boost social skills like leadership qualities, peer mentoring, exchange of ideas, team play etc. In moderation, FPS team player games like Valorant, Call of Duty and Destiny 2 are quite likely to be positive for kids. Strategy games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends stimulate out of the box thinking as a team.

There are many other skills too that kids imbibe as they play online. Exergames and virtual versions of physical games like FIFA, Madden, and 2K motivate kids to move their bodies and stay fit. Other games  like Civilization give them a window to the world of culture and history. Racing games like Forza and NFS aid responsiveness and tactics. Probably, video gaming isn’t as bad as we’ve previously thought, is it?

Video Games are the new socializing tool. Next time your kids login to play Minecraft or Animal crossing, fret not. Instead consider sharing the fun! Why not join them in one of their favorites and let the guilt-free family fun begin!

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