We are Atlantans. We are fun loving. And our list of outdoor fun activities is never complete without an exhilarating hike. Yeah, we see you nod in approval! Parents and kids in Atlanta had always been active and adventure loving. A fact that is evident from the countless number of hiking trails – trails that had been tried, tested and loved by those who went before you.

Atlanta kids’ quickly glances through three of them. A short trail, a long trail and a long-and-short one. We are certain that these waterfall trails will bewitch the traveller in you. So, this weekend in Atlanta, grab you knapsack, trace the trail and cool off under the refreshing waterfalls.

Short trek – Going that mile on the Sope Creek Trail

Sope Creek trail is an easy one-miler trek through the woods near Marietta. The trail unwinds under the green canopies of the forest and reaches the rocky banks downstream the Chattahoochee River. The trail tosses in a bit of history too in the form of an old paper mill ruins.  The mill, as history has it, was destroyed by the union troops during the Civil War.

The trail maps for the Sope Creek Trail can be found here

Short or moderate as you like it – the Arabia Mountain Cascade Trail

It starts as an infinitesimally small trail – one that you can just run-in and run-out without feeling exhausted. Perfect for the little trekkers to get a hang of how things go on a hiking trail. It is just a 0.2-mile hike from the trailhead up to the cascading Pole Bridge Creek. And if the short hike leaves you dissatisfied, you have more to add in to the loop.  The Wilburn Farm Trail that can be clubbed with this is a longer, 3.25-mile trek. So, short or long, it is get, set and go!

Need the map? You have it right here.

Moderate trek – the Vickery Creek Trail

Reach the waterfall rumbling down from the spillway dam of the Roswell mill in this 5-mile trail. If the destination is beautiful, the path that leads there is even more so. The two historical mills, a covered bridge, and stunning views of the waterfalls from the rocks are truly worthwhile. The north bank of the Vickery Creek offers a perfect spot to chill watching the lovely waterfalls, the flowerbeds and the wildlife after that bit of exercise.

You can find the maps to the trail here.

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