Enjoying outdoor games is a very Atlantan thing. You often see groups of kids or families playing together in the green-canopied open spaces of Atlanta. Let us have a look at the top ten popular games that kids play outdoors.

Oh yeah, we’d like to add that these are timeless games that bring in some nostalgia too.

  1. Hide and seek – This classic multiplayer game is all about exploring the possible hiding places that your buddies could ever think of.
  2. Parachute – Lots of fun for the littlest ones, parachute games have many different variants. Club it with a rhyme and it becomes a wonderful musical game.
  3. Kick the can – Hide-and-seek with a twist, this can be played by groups of three or more. Get the can and let the fun begin!
  4. Marbles –This game needs no introduction! Think about the thrill of using your large marble to knock your opponent’s marbles out of the circle!
  5. Jump the rope – Singles or Double Dutch, rope jumping has always been a favorite among kids. Jump the rope and stay fit!
  6. Hopscotch –Kids get to learn some basic math as they progress through the matrix. This again can be played alone or in groups… and trust us, it is exciting either way!
  7. Foursquare – Played in groups of four or more Foursquare is a great game to develop speed and responsiveness. A ball, a field and some friends is all you need for this fun-filled game.
  8. Tag – Chase and ‘tag’ your fellow players. It is as simple as that. But yet it gets so incredibly entertaining when you are in the right company!
  9. Simon says – If Simon says an action, you do it. If Simon doesn’t “say”, you better don’t! A fun game that relies on your concentration and doesn’t take much space to play.
  10. Red rover – This is a true team game. It tests your tactic, strength and presence of mind. “Red Rover, Red Rover, send (player’s name) over!”

Most of these games are quite flexible. That means you can improvise by adding, removing or changing the rules that they go by. A change here and a change there – and you are in for a totally different experience altogether! So which one of these games is your favorite?

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