“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.”
Dr. Seuss

Reading can be exciting, like an adventurous dream.  Books can take us to places we have never been and will never be able to go!  A good story can make us think; it can change who we are inside.

The hardest part about reading is choosing which books to pick up!  Don’t be afraid to try something new – only then will you discover what you enjoy.  If you find a book you really like, try more by the same author or in the same genre (for example: mystery or nonfiction).

Here’s a list of some tried-and-true books for kids like you!

Boys, Ages 4-7 (Recommended books for advanced kindergarten, kindergarten and 1st graders)

  • The Billy and Blaze series by C.W. Anderson

If you’re just like Billy and “love horses more than anything else in the world”, you’ll love this series about growing up and responsibility.

  • Books by Beverly Cleary, like Henry Huggins and The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Beverly Cleary’s books will live on forever.  They’re timeless, and all kids adore them.  Any book by her would be a great pick, but boys in this age group particularly love the two we’ve listed.

  • Books by Roald Dahl, like The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Another famous author, Roald Dahl has written countless books that capture the magic of childhood.  Classics like The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have even been made into major motion pictures!

  • Books by Ben Hatke, like Little Robot and the Zita the Spacegirl series

Ben Hatke’s works are mainly graphic novels, with minimal dialogue.  This makes them a fun adventure for even the youngest kids!

  • Books by E.B. White, like Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan

These books will go down in history; they’re funny, yet serious.  Read them with your family, or on your own!  These make great storytelling reads.

  • The Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J. Sobol

Leroy Brown is the neighborhood detective in this series!  Learn new facts, and solve mysteries right alongside your new favorite character through 29 books.

  • Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

Geared towards the younger end of this spectrum, this adorable story follows Harold’s adventure as he draws his own world with his trusty purple crayon.

  • Homer Price by Robert McCloskey

Homer and his pet skunk capture bandits!  A donut machine is loose and destroying the town!  This collection of short stories about Homer will surely make you giggle.

Source:  https://readaloudrevival.com/boys/

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