There’s just something special in knowing that you physically stood on or near a state’s highest point of elevation.  If you haven’t experienced this yet, and aren’t sure you want to commit to either the 48 contiguous or all 50 states just yet, take a look at what your state’s highest point is!  Start with your state and see how everyone enjoys it.

Along my family’s journey to visit all the highpoints in the United States, we recently crossed the border into Ohio – the home of the Buckeyes!

The Hi-Point Career Center, Bellefontaine

Ohio’s highpoint sits on the grounds of this vocational school.  Originally home to the Bellefontaine Air Force Station’s 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, Campbell Hill’s surrounding area is now the location of the Hi-Point Career Center.  This is a technical school for both high-school students and adults in central Ohio.  Students study a number of vocational interests, and can even earn college credits. [1]

Campbell Hill

Although not as grandiose as some of its nearby cousins, Ohio’s highest point (1,550 feet above sea level) does stand above the surrounding terrain – as a large hilltop.  It’s almost imperceptible that this is the high point of Ohio, save the beautiful plaque that sits at the top!  If it’s your first time highpointing, states with rolling hills like Ohio are great to start with. [2]

Ohio Fun Facts

  • “Ohio is known as the “Mother of Presidents”, home to 8 U.S. presidents.”
  • “Ohio is the Ice Cream capital of the U.S.”
  • “The inventors of the airplane, Wilbur and Orville Wright, grew up in Dayton.”
  • “The NFL Footballs are produced in Ada.” [3]



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