Family fun now has a whole new definition in Atlanta. In just a few years this miniature art project has taken Atlanta by storm. Tiny Doors is a series of cute little doors installed at different locations across Atlanta. Since its inception six years ago it has never failed to excite. It has been attracting not just the children of Atlanta but also the grownups.

Karen Anderson, the creative mind behind Tiny Doors, goes about installing tiny surprises in a city that is full of large-scale art. She instills beauty into the littlest of objects, evoking curiosity and fascination. These are petite seven inched doors, each resonating with the surrounding spaces. Every tiny door has a long story of creation – they are thought over, designed and embellished to go with the culture and history of the places in Atlanta. This art brings you closer to your city in a unique fashion – i.e. by triggering your curiosity and imagination.

The Tiny Doors series is an invitation to explore the city and to spot these doors. It aims at letting your imaginations run wild. These lovely little doors put forth an interesting challenge for kids as well as the elders. They trigger the curiosity of the residents and the visitors alike. Where are these doors? What design surprises do they hold? What is the story behind a particular door? And most of all, what is behind the doors? Tiny Doors brings out that inquisitiveness in you. And given these, is it any wonder that the craze is catching up?  These exploration tours are now a popular pastime for kids in Atlanta.

As they say, the best of things in life are free. And so are Tiny Doors. All you need to do is to try and locate the 21 doors scattered throughout the city.

Which of these doors that can be opened?

There is a giant door compared to the others (658 times the usual size to be precise), can you find out which?

Figure out yourself; go on an exploration tour for some family fun. You can also find out the details about the Tiny Doors ATL project here (but do not spill the secret)! Enjoy and have lots of fun with family and kids!

Tiny Doors ATL Map

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