My family and I have become highpointers, whose goal is to hike to the highest hill, summit, or mountain in all 50 states. As we make our way to the top of each high point I will share what you need to know. In our most recent adventure we went to Florida’s highest point.

Britton Hill

At just 345 feet above sea level, Britton Hill is the lowest of the highest points in the United States. Located in Lakewood Park in the town of DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Unlike most highpointing hikes this is a gradual rise that is perfect for almost every fitness level. Depending on the length of your legs it takes 50 steps or less to get to the top. Since Florida is fairly flat, you will easily find park trails and roadways that are higher than this hill in most other states. None the less, it counts on your journey to be one of the 500 or so people who have hiked to the top elevation in all 50 states. The park also has 3 hiking trails, the longest trail taking about 1 hour to hike. This is the best way to experience the local flora and fauna.

There aren’t a lot of other attractions in town but be sure to check and see if the Panhandle Opry has a show playing. This live country music venue has been around since 1979. Enjoy the show or a classic roasted chicken dinner and the show.

Florida Fun Facts

Before we hop in the car and head to each of our elevated destinations we take some time to learn about each state we visit. Here are a few fun facts about Florida:

  • Florida is the 27th state founded in 1845.
  • The state capital is Tallahassee.
  • Jacksonville is the largest city.
  • The state nickname is the Sunshine State.
  • The state flower is orange blossom, the state bird is the northern mockingbird, and the state tree is the Sabal Palm tree.
  • The original Disneyland may be in Anaheim, California—but Disney World in Orlando, Florida attracts more visitors than any other amusement park in the country.

While this lookout may not have the picturesque views of most, the drive to and from is stunning!

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