Code Ninjas is really fun! When I went there, we got to build our own video games, build SNAP circuits, and best of all, play Minecraft as a group. I would recommend this to anyone 5+ years old. Try it if you’re new to coding! Try it for fun!

Building video Games is easy at Code Ninjas! We use a website called Scratch. A link to it is below. The games we make are great! If 1 of us is stuck on something, someone else will help. We also use 3-D printers. They can make a lot of things.

SNAP circuits are easy to build with. They have peg holes that you put the pieces on. There are Resistors, Led lights, and motors. They also have a book that shows you how to build many types of circuits. And don’t worry, ANYONE can do it. So try it.

Last – but certainly not least – is the 6 pm to 7 pm Minecraft time. They let you choose whatever you want to do. You can go into survival and kill off mobs, or go in creative and experiment with Redstone. And it is Java edition. So you play on the computer, with a mouse, and enjoy bees!

Overall, I give this place a five-star rating. All kids will enjoy building video games, building SNAP circuits, and playing Minecraft. You can get started and get information with the links below.


Official Website

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