Do you like watching YouTube videos?

Have you ever thought of becoming a YouTuber? There’s no better time to get into making videos for YouTube or other video sharing sites than right now. Why? Because all you need is a camera, good lighting, a steady hand and content. Don’t know the first thing about film, videos or cameras? No?

That’s ok, the Kids TV in Atlanta program is the place to get you started.


Kids TV in Atlanta by Moboc Productions

Kids TV is a film-making program where you (the kid) learn about making movies and films.

There’s a 12-15 week program that teaches you film-making basics, camera basics, reading scripts, acting and what it takes to write, shoot and produce a movie. If you want to have fun and use your crazy imagination to create something, this program is for you.


You can become a YouTuber

I know you know what YouTube is right? Instead of watching videos, you can make them. Kids TV can help you.

If it’s the summer, there are camps you can register through Kids TV. Gotta get your parents permission because some are a week long. If it’s during the school year, there are classes kids TV offers after school. Pick a day and time, and let your parents know. Once you learn the basics, you can start making your own videos, upload them online and eventually you may make money by people watching your videos.

I don’t think you should wait if you really want to make movies or short funny clips. If you’re scared about getting in front of camera, don’t be; there’s kids from all backgrounds who are learning how to make videos.

You don’t have to perfect.

The Kids TV gallery is a page you can see other kids showing off the movies they made. The videos are really cool, and they are an example of what you can learn when you put your mind to something like making movies.

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