My family has embarked on a quest to visit the highest point in every state in the U.S.A. We live in Georgia so we have started with the surrounding state’s making our high point adventure a perfect weekend road trip. We of course stop at other attractions along the way but viewing the highest hill, peak, or mountain is always our top priority.

Cheaha Resort State Park

Cheaha Mountain is located in Delta, Alabama. It is located in one of Alabama’s 21 state parks. The 7.5-mile hike is long but perfect for hikers of moderate fitness levels. Once you reach the top observation area you will be at a high point of 2,407 feet above sea level. This is one of the many trails in the park which is a full 2,799 acres, but the trail is also connected to the Cheaha Wilderness and Talladega National Forest which are in total over 8,000 acres of wilderness. Be on the lookout for wild turkeys and white tail deer as you hike. If you are staying overnight you can camp, rent a cabin, or stay in a nearby hotel or resort. There is even a cliffside lake and pool at the Vista Cliffside Restaurant. In the Native American Creek Nation Muskogee language “chaha” means “high place.”

Alabama Fun Facts

Whether you visit a high point or are researching a high point for a geography project at school, it is also a great idea to learn a few fun facts about each state or area. A few Alabama fun facts include:

  •  Alabama was the 22nd state founded in 1819.
  • The state capital is Montgomery.
  • Birmingham is the largest city.
  • The state nicknames are the Yellowhammer state, cotton state, and heart of Dixie.
  • The state flower is camellia, the state bird is the northern flicker, and the state tree is the longleaf pine.
  • Mardi Gras might be most popular in Louisiana, but Alabama was the first to bring this holiday to the western world.

Be sure to keep your photos for each high point you visit well-organized, maybe even create a few digital or traditional scrapbook pages for each sight!

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